Stunning Landscaping Ideas for Fall 2019

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Gorgeous gardens will be the talk of the town this fall. It won’t be long before summer transitions into autumn, arguably one of the most beautiful times of the year. Bright bursts of color, a light breeze, and lots of sunshine make fall a memorable season, and Houston landscaping professionals like us at Natural Wonders Landscaping can help you take advantage of these lovely months. Here are some of the most awe-inspiring designs for autumn landscaping you should consider.

Focus on Foliage

The delightful drama of fall gardens is hard to beat. As the air turns crisp the leaves on deciduous trees go from bright green to vivid bursts of rich amber, fiery red, and intense gold. Whenever you think about your fall landscaping, you want to make sure your garden is centered around this fabulous foliage you can’t see any other time of year. As the leaves rustle and catch the fading light, you’ll enjoy an excellent garden environment that excites all the best emotions. You probably have particular trees in your yard that stand out, and you should concentrate on making these ones shine in all their glory. If you’re looking to add trees to your property for future fall seasons, consider those that are known for their charming changes in colors. Chinese pistache trees are a great example, as they reach a height of 25 feet at maturity for perfect positioning in a small garden or courtyard. Some even feature clusters of berries to compliment the beloved gold and crimson leaves. There’s many other terrific tree varieties out there, so explore and experiment and you’re sure to find one you can’t live without.

Backyard Firepit and Trees

Try Topiary

Next up on the list of landscaping possibilities is the addition of topiary. If you haven’t heard of this term, don’t worry, as it’s a more technical term for clipping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes. Whether it’s something that makes people look twice, such as larger-than-life animals or characters, or something a bit more subtle, topiary is the way to go. The deep green of shrubs and sculptural shapes can provide a spectacular contrast with the season’s foliage and ornamental grasses. Plus, you can always decorate this topiary with twinkling white lights as the holidays get closer.

Make a Resting Spot

What’s a garden if you don’t have a place to stop and smell the roses? You need a resting spot to sit and relax, taking in the natural beauty of your special surroundings. There’s many ways to incorporate seating into your garden, and finding the right pieces to add to your yard will take your landscaping to the next level. Imagine how wonderful a beautiful handcrafted bench would look in the middle of your yard, with bright fall colors all around. You could sit there and catch up with your loved ones, or read a book in the middle of mother nature’s glorious autumn gift. A pair of chairs or even a full outdoor lounge and table could be a nice touch too, and it all depends on your personal preferences. You can ask your local landscaping experts for help and inspiration, as they can prepare your property to best suit your new accent pieces.

Now is the time to get started on these stunning fall landscaping projects. If you’re feeling inspired and ready to make your yard or garden look the best it can be for autumn and beyond, call our enthusiastic experts at Natural Wonders Landscaping today!



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