Reasons You Must Hire a Landscape Architect

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When many people think of design and d├ęcor, they think of the interior of a residence or place of business first. They may even consider the exterior of the structure as well. However, many times people forget about the design of the landscaping that provides the foundation for the outside appearance of your home or business. Given the importance of landscaping to the overall aesthetic and curb appeal of a property, it’s important that any major landscaping project is designed and planned by a landscape architect in Houston.

Great landscaping isn’t something that happens by chance. There’s more to it than simply executing plantings and selecting cultivars for your design. Landscape architecture brings the full force of several disciplines to bear in the creation of a landscape that can achieve multiple goals, such as improving curb appeal, creating a design that’s in harmony with the natural surroundings, or reducing the level of maintenance required to keep a property in top condition. Regardless of the goal of your landscape design, it’s important that a landscape architect has a hand in developing it. Continue reading to learn why it’s important to hire a landscape architect to execute your next major landscaping project.

Increased Property Value

While executing any kind of landscaping may bump your home value somewhat, landscaping designed and executed by a landscape architect will have a more profound impact on the value of your property. Hiring a landscape architect is as important an investment in the value of your property as a remodeling project. It can improve your property value by as much as 15 percent. Unlike many landscaping designs executed by less qualified landscapers, a landscape architect’s work will combine harmony in nature with aesthetics and practical function. The work of a landscape architect will effectively extend your refined living space from the interior out into the outdoor setting. Unlike remodeling projects that provide an initial bump only to experience depreciation with age, projects designed by landscape architects tend to accrue value as they age and the living features mature.

A Cohesive, Comprehensive Plan

Any project should ideally be guided by an overarching strategic plan, and landscaping design is no different. Only a landscape architect can provide that level of cohesive design by incorporating elements of the natural environment with design elements from both inside and outside the home through the use of plants and hardscaping. A unified plan produces stunning results when it comes to landscaping, and functionality is enhanced when the elements of the design flow together seamlessly.

Reduces Maintenance Load

Landscape architects aren’t just concerned with aesthetic concerns when designing a landscape. They also account for the maintenance load that the design will require. Landscape architects can incorporate native plants into your design that fit within the natural setting. For example, if you want to keep your watering spend to a minimum, a landscape architect can incorporate drought-tolerant species into your landscape.

Minimizes Impact on the Environment

Because landscape architects are concerned with more than just aesthetics, they can create designs that will use plantings to help reduce mankind’s footprint on the environment. Designs that conserve water are often implemented, and native plants ensure harmony with local flora and fauna and a reduced need for the use of pesticides and herbicides. Landscape architects also use strategic placement of trees to help lower heating and cooling bills, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

When interviewing landscape services in Houston to execute your next major project, make sure you consult with a landscape architect. A landscape architect can offer a higher level of service through cohesive design, integration with the natural surroundings, and blending of form and function in your landscape. To learn more about hiring a landscape architect for your next project, contact Natural Wonders Landscaping at (832) 755-1384.

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