Most Common Landscaping Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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A healthy lawn is something most homeowners set out to achieve. If you’re struggling with your landscaping in Houston, you’re not alone. Many homeowners fall short of achieving their goal of having a beautiful yard because they’re making the same mistakes. Continue reading to learn most common landscape mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1 – You Cut Your Grass too Short

When you mow your grass too short, this puts stress on the grass and interrupts the growing process. Ask any landscape company and they’ll tell you it’s better for your yard to cut no more than one-third of the grass’s height at one time. Set your mower height from 2.5-3 inches to avoid cutting the grass too short.

Mistake #2 – You Didn’t Prepare Your Soil

Without nutrient-rich soil, your grass won’t grow well. In Houston, TX, landscaping companies advise their customers to prepare the soil before seeding the lawn. Adding organic materials to the soil as well as aerating the lawn allows for better airflow and water penetration. Consult with landscape professionals like those at Natural Wonders Landscaping to make sure you’re adding the right nutrients to match your soil type.

Mistake #3 –  You’re Planting the Wrong Type of Grass

Not all grasses grow well in certain types of soil and in certain regions. Grasses that thrive in Maine aren’t going to survive the heat and humidity of Texan summers. Likewise, your sunny front yard may need a different species of grass than your shady backyard. Whether you’re seeding your lawn for the first time or overseeding, it’s important to choose the right grass species or you’ll always be fighting a losing battle.

Mistake #4 – You Didn’t Thatch Your Lawn

Grass needs water and nutrients to grow, but it also needs ample airflow. If your yard has a lot of roots and stems from dead weeds or grass, this creates a ground cover, also called thatch, that hinders growth. Do your landscaping a favor and get rid of the thatch. This can be done using a regular yard rake or you can hire lawncare services to perform this maintenance task.

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Mistake #5 – Your Lawn Mower Blades Are Dull

This is a mistake that a lot of people make. They assume that their lawn mower’s blades stay sharpened for the lifespan of the mower. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Cutting your grass with dull blades isn’t doing your lawn any favors. In fact, it’s giving your lawn a really bad haircut and damaging it.

Mistake #6 – You’re Overwatering Your Lawn

The key ingredient to a healthy lawn is a developed root system. When you overwater your lawn, this interrupts the growth process and the root system doesn’t fully develop. Your lawn needs deep roots to survive when water is scarce such as during times of drought or when you forget to water it for a couple of weeks. Consult with Natural Wonders Landscaping to learn more about appropriate watering techniques for established and newly-seeded lawns.

Mistake #7 – You Aren’t Getting the Help You Need

Too many people continue doing the same thing year after year to their lawns and don’t get the results they’re hoping for. If this sounds like you, why not let professional landscaping experts help you? Lawn care companies help with maintenance, revitalize neglected yards, and help you get the lawn you’ve always wanted. Contact Natural Wonders Landscaping in Houston, TX, to schedule a consultation and get a greener, healthier yard faster.

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