Landscaping Ideas to Maximize Your Small Space

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Cozy Colorful Shed and Patio

Perhaps you live in a condominium, a townhouse, an apartment, or a house with a small yard. Don’t give up on having a beautiful outdoor space! Use your individuality to make the most of your space whether it’s a patio, small yard, or rooftop garden. With a little professional help with your landscaping in Houston, you can start enjoying the full potential of your yard. Attention to detail is critical when designing the landscaping for a smaller space. Read on to learn more!

Plant Your Purpose

Consider how you want to use your space before you start your landscaping. Your main desire may be an outdoor eating area, or perhaps you’re looking for a private paradise where you can relax with a book among flowers and succulents. If you have multiple ideas and space allows for them, divide your area into different sections—one for a garden, one for visiting with family and friends, and one for a play area. Use pavers to make pathways from one section of your yard to another.

Find those Focal Points

You may want to create multiple focal points. Choose clever art pieces made of stone, ceramic, or glass. You may have a couple of pieces you want to place front and center, but you can spread others in your garden around flowers. Let your guests be surprised as they discover all the delightful ways you’ve utilized your space. Use colors to bring life to the area. Choose a couple of bright colors and place the pots or plant the flowers in strategic places that complement the surrounding greenery and décor.

Small Waterfall with Sand and Statue

It’s All in the Details

You want to make the most out of every inch of space. Here are a few ideas that you may want to consider for inspiration:

  • Make a small box garden. You can be creative with the box, or you may want to make a retaining wall and elevate your flowers. You can have a small box vegetable garden as well.
  • Vary the levels of your design. For example, you may want your eating area on a high level, while your fire pit is in an area that drops down.
  • When designing pathways, use curves rather than straight lines.
  • Place items at angles to the boundaries to make sure you use all available space.
  • Use built-in seating to save space.
  • Use vertical landscaping. Grow a vertical wall garden or use climbing vines. Plant narrow trees.
  • Use hanging pots of flowers to preserve space.
  • Be wise in how much you put in your space. Too many plants or features may take away from the unity and balance of your landscape plan.
  • Add a pergola to create a view for your plants and artwork.
  • Create nooks for reading or privacy. You can separate areas with shrubs, ferns, or small trees.

Indulge Your Desires

You only have a small plot, so make the most of the opportunity. Buy a beautiful statue or small fountain. Go with natural stones rather than concrete. Add retaining walls or pathways to your space. These embellishments don’t have to be expensive – there are so many ways to create beauty without breaking the bank.

Successful landscaping design can help you get more enjoyment out of your outdoor space. You can use the space as your own private getaway or as a place to share with others. You can impress your friends and neighbors with your creativity. You’ll also enhance the value of your property.

Call Natural Wonders Landscaping at (832) 755-1384 and find out how great landscaping can make a big difference in your small outdoor space today! We care about sustainability, beauty, and our client’s needs, and we’ll help you build the landscape of your dreams.

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